Investment - Dossie Photography

(Wilson) Dossie's love for photography began many years ago while working in the San Francisco Bay Area's Silicone Valley. It didn't take Wilson very long to fall in love with this amazing process; the shoot, post production editing, and delivering the finished product! After many years of classes and seminars, as well as photographing weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, portfolio's, portraits, etc., Wilson decided to leave his very comfortable career to pursue his love of photography. While being well versed in all major areas of photography, for the past twelve years, Wilson's primary focus has been Fashion, Event, and Portrait photography. In addition, Wilson is, and has always been, extremely passionate about capturing that unique pose, or those very special moments, that will be viewed and discussed for many years and decades to come. Your Complete Satisfaction Is The Goal of Dossie Photography!

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